The Poetry of Dianne Silvestri, MD

Dianne Silvestri, MD, a retired academic physician, is author of the chapbook Necessary Sentiments. Her poems have appeared in Barrow Street, Naugatuck River Review, Poetry South, The Worcester Review, The Healing Muse, New Limestone Review, Zingara Poetry Review, The Main Street Rag, American Journal of Nursing, JAMA Oncology, and elsewhere. She is Copy-Editor of the journal Dermatitis and is founder and leader of Natick’s Morse Poetry Group in Massachusetts.

2 thoughts on “The Poetry of Dianne Silvestri, MD

  1. Thank you for this gift today Dr. Silvestri. I do hope Doctor as Patient is doing well. And I also hope “their smiles are not just taught, but true.” Authentic compassion, morality, doctoring…we hope for this, we teach for this, we have and other such reflection-promoting initatives to help.


  2. Dianne. Your poetry is deeply moving. I remember you as an intern. You have found your voice. Thanks for sharing your gift.


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