Just a kid.

by Samantha Rodriguez

19, Baker acted –
heart sinks

no reason, really.
eyes inquire

I dropped out of school –
frustration overwhelms

fresh out of jail, now for trespassing.
thoughts race

I smoke meth, crack and weed since 16,
heart aches

no one ever really asked why.

I still take care of my son –
shock ensues

I just go into another room.
maternal instincts take over

It’s fine though; I control it with my mind.
confusion arises

But I can’t see him anymore.
provider lens resumes

No one asked why.
emotions run high

My dad knows everything;
stomach churns

he’s never tried to stop me.
heart breaks

She’s just a kid,
but no one asked why

Samantha Rodriguez is a fourth year medical student at Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. She is applying for residency in Pediatrics and enjoys yoga and gardening in her spare time.