Welcome to the Ralph P. Leischner, Jr., MD, Department of Medical Education

The department brings together Loyola Stritch’s efforts regarding “teaching to teach and learning to learn.” We are part of the new era in academic medicine that gives the same priority to our educational mission as our research and service missions. We aim to turn out a diverse physician workforce who treat patients according to the highest standards of care, are community leaders who promote social justice in health care and society, and who have the research, advocacy, and quality improvement skills to be effective change agents. It is the mark of a Stritch alumnus to reflect upon his or her ongoing personal and professional development as her vocation unfolds.  Such a physician is usually not formed by accident but benefits from a supportive community of mission-driven educators who constantly strive to improve their abilities to serve such medical students.  The department contributes to the building of this community…

The Leischner Department of Medical Education fosters character formation in accord with the Ignatian and Catholic values that inform a Jesuit medical education. We encourage faculty to develop curricula that challenges students to consider first those who are underserved and marginalized by our current socio-economic and health care systems. We promote consideration of the ways in which one’s spirituality and faith commitments may support the daily challenges that medicine poses.

The department supports faculty development through a number of ongoing activities such as the biannual Leischner Faculty Development Workshops, the Leischner Fellows program, and small project grants. Of particular interest is our new blog, Reflective MedEd. We welcome submissions regarding all topics related to the vocation of medicine and how to better educate for a physician workforce that promotes care of the whole person and social justice.

Mark Kuczewski, PhD
Chair, Ralph P. Leischner, Jr, MD, Department of Medical Education
Loyola Univeristy Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

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